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Wolt: Design Delivered

Kallan & Co has worked in close collaboration in an open ideation format with Wolt to develop a fresh activation concept rooted directly in the company’s core offering. A concept that helps Wolt to communicate a core value, it’s passion for great design, while offering something unique to it’s customers. Along with creative concept, Kallan developed a minimalistic project identity with custom illustrations and directed photography and motion graphics.

Tags: Identity, Photography, Concept

At this year’s Helsinki Design Week, Wolt celebrates its passion for great design by delivering, well, great design! During the 10 days festival everyone in the central Helsinki will be able to order art and design from the local creative community, directly from the food delivery app and straight to their home.

A project that started out from the simple idea “Can you deliver a value?“, has grown organically into a massive undertaking, including stable design names such as Minni Havas and Laura Väinölä together with food ambassadors like Meri-Tuuli Väntsi and Kozeen Shiwan. Both Aalto University with it’s newly opened Aalto Uni Shop and Helsinki Design Week are active partners in the project.