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Kallan & Co had the opportunity to work with the passionate and extremely creative team at UpCloud to rebuild their brand strategy, identity and design system. The new brand strategy was distilled in intensive collaboration sessions after which new versions of the identity was prototyped and tested to find the right direction. The final direction was built with a “product first” mentality, putting primary focus on product and UI components. 

 The entire brand strategy and identity along with UI components and all brand assets were created and hosted on a bespoke Design System platform developed for UpCloud's proprietary use. Inspiration and cues were taken from the company’s founding story, the strong and compelling future vision and from “cable porn”, a trait common to the professionals within the hosting industry.

Tags: Identity, Design System, Illustrations

Server cabling as inspiration

The Phoenix Design System:

Uniquely, Upclouds design system is a one-stop shop for everything any creative or designer working with or for Upcloud would ever need. It is a bespoke design system built on a customized platform making it as much a marketing tool as a asset repository and guide.