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Senseg is looking to change the way consumers interact with current touchscreen technologies. They identified the opportunity in how haptic feedback can enrich the experience of using a touchscreen, and have utilised a mixture of software and hardware solutions to bring this vision to life. Kallan has worked closely with Senseg to define how this technology can be translated into a user interface and helped produce a working demo of this software and hardware combination for the automotive industry.

Tags: UI Design, Prototyping, Illustration

Bringing the sense of touch back to the car interfaces.

Touchscreens in cars are getting more common but users are still hesitant since they are loosing the haptic feedback of physical buttons. This is where the Senseg's technology shines and can bring some of that feedback back to the screens.

Haptic technology

With electrostatic-based haptic feedback only the tip of your finger senses the “friction” when you touch a feedback area - precision rather than the whole device vibrating.

This technology enables more instinctive interaction for the user by giving different textures to various UI elements.

Keep your eyes on the road.

When you feel it you don’t need to look at it.

Sliders, toggles and buttons are the building blocks of any interface and their functionality can be enhanced with haptics. UI elements like the slider can give different types of haptic feedback when moved to different directions as well as giving snap feedback on intervals.