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Kids are made to move.

Parents might think their kids are just wasting away time on a mobile app, but in reality they’re making the most of their imagination to do amazing things like fight dragons, dodge swamp monsters, or float in outer space. Reima chose to embrace the healthy and powerful imagination of childhood by creating the world’s first activity app fuelled by kids. To help them take their first steps in digital product publishing, we designed the experience. What initially started out as a playful scoreboard where parents can reward kids for outdoor activities grew into a whole new experience of making outdoor activities more fun.

* Awarded for Best UX in Grand One 2017

Tags: Illustration, UI Design, Motion, Concept Design

ReimaGO: A sensor just for kids

The ReimaGO sensor records the intensity and duration of activity and transforms the data into energy, usable in the app. It wakes up whenever kids start to move, and it can be used to track movement everywhere: at day care, at school, at activities and in free time. The ReimaGO® activity sensor has been specially developed for kids using Suunto’s Movesense® technology and expertise in tracking movement.

Less screen time, more experiences

The original brief was to make an app that focuses on less screen time and a more rewarding experience. It was a refreshing starting point! We loved the idea of stepping back from the actual app while still having it be the key vessel showing daily recorded activity. The base idea of “less screen-time, more fun” ended up being the key dogma for the thinking throughout the project.

The launch version of the app was designed to reward kids for being active, but our next step is to focus on different age groups and their specific needs. By analyzing the gathered usage data, we noticed clear behavioral differences between kids under and over six. While younger users are easily pleased with just a few fun surprises, older users demand bigger challenges and more thoughtful content. Stay tuned for more goodies!

Because active kids matter

It’s an unfortunate trend that kids these days aren’t getting enough physical exercise. Some of them even struggle with simple physical activity like walking in the woods or rising from a crouched position. However, we believe that kids just need a little fun and a spark of encouragement to make a change.

We think that ReimaGO is the perfect tool to teach kids to be more active from an early age, which just might help to prevent them from turning into couch potatoes in their teens. What’s more, we’ve noticed that in order to get kids moving, we should encourage the whole family to move. It’s definitely a challenge, but taking part in tackling it is a huge reward in itself.

Go Mirror – From idea to functioning MVP in 8 weeks

With this retail installation we set out to make the kid’s retail experience something fun rather than dreadful, and of course to see if we could use technology to make them move more. A lot more! The GO Mirror is a digital screen that let’s you control the main character of the ReimaGO universe, Goey. Anything you do in front of the mirror he does too.

The more you move, the more fun the experience gets, earning you fun badges and stars for your activity. The GO Mirror builds on a strong positioning and creates yet another layer that inspires kids to move. Something that is both fun for the kids and leads to more positive brand awareness.