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Online flagship store

Pentik, a 45-year old family owned business, is a classic Finnish design company. In order to tell their amazing story, we decided to fuse together the detailed way Pentik creates their products, their vast portfolio and the online store mechanics for a result that not only focuses on selling, but acts as a source of inspiration.

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Creation and results.

The online store was designed to offer visitors the same feeling they get when they step into a Pentik retail store. Rather than pushing them to buy the first thing on display, the online store offers ideas and inspiration, helping them to find the pieces that will perfect their dream home.

The new Pentik.com was launched in November 2015, just before the holiday season. Successfully combining products, inspiration, and store mechanics, the new site was immediately embraced by the audience.

By the end of the first month after launch, Pentik online store sales bypassed the previous December by 216%. This inspired Pentik to host their longest ever sale campaign for the Friends of Pentik.