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M4ID - Care2Share

Using feedback to drive change in maternal health care in India.

Care2Share is a mobile service for new mothers in India to give feedback on the quality of care they received at a maternity clinic.

Design research, service approach and concept, user-testing, and communications strategy were conducted by our client M4ID.

Tags: Identity, UI Design, UX Design, Illustration, Prototyping

5 women in India die every hour during childbirth.

According to the global health body, nearly 45,000 mothers die from childbirth-related causes every year in India, accounting for 17 percent of such deaths globally. India’s healthcare system is overstretched and underfunded, and solutions to improve quality of care are needed. Care2Share, which attempts to put women at the heart of the solution, is a service that facilitates a feedback cycle that promotes positive changes in maternal healthcare in India.

Design research revealed that Indian women tend to view traditional feedback questionnaires as tests where there are right and wrong answers. In order to avoid this and collect more accurate feedback, we designed the questionnaire to be chat-like and friendly. We also illustrated every step of an expectant mother’s journey so that they will know what to expect during their maternity clinic visits.