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Case Study

Leaft Foods

The Challenge:

Globally, we are on a collision course with very challenging, very real problems when it comes to feeding our ever growing population, and, dealing with the effects of climate change.

John Penno, founder of Synlait, one of New Zealand’s most successful export companies, is well aware of these issues. Together, he and his wife, Maury Leyland Penno, founded Leaft Foods, a B2B plant protein company that is working towards creating sustainable protein ingredients using existing leafy crops that grow in abundance in New Zealand.

We were approached by Leaft Foods to create a brand strategy and identity that would give the company a strong foundation in which to build from. 

The Solution:

John and Maury wanted to ensure the Leaft brand would look the part of a company that was taking their mission seriously, avoiding looking like a small start up.

We created a visual identity, tone of voice and brand strategy that was uplifting, showcasing Leaft Foods as positive and proactive problem solvers who see our future challenges as an exciting opportunity, rather than a doomsday scenario.

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We created a versatile brand system, utilising the logomark as a graphic device which can create a miriad of playful designs, keeping the brand fresh and engaging.

The logomark itself is a visual representation of Leaft Food’s positive outlook towards our current global challenges, taking us onwards and upwards to a brighter, more sustainable food future.

It is now widely recognised that the global food industry must change in order to responsibly feed our rapidly growing population while protecting the planet. Leaft Foods was created to be part of the solution.

Leaft Foods is working to balance the scales by creating a business that can produce a great tasting protein ingredient that other companies can utilise, providing real options to diversify farming and supporting the changes needed to reduce the environmental issues caused by excess agricultural nitrogen.

Brand Colours

We chose to avoid the obvious use of green that is heavily associated with agriculture brands. Instead, the brand palette consists of wholesome earthy tones, balanced with a bright, uplifting pink which reflects Leaft Foods positive outlook for the future of food.