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Designing the Future of Automotive Experiences


Designing the Future of Automotive Experiences.

Kallan & Co works in close collaboration with various automotive brands and innovation centres to explore, design and innovate future in-car experiences and user interfaces. We are passionate car and mobility enthusiasts both in private and professionally and spend most of our time researching the future of the automotive and transportation industry. We are usually contacted and appointed to help our global clients solve complex design challenges.

We always work in close collaboration with our customers and we utilise rapid prototyping and our bespoke research methods to be able to design and understand things not created or even imagined before. 

Our projects have covered some of the following areas:

  • Contextually smart Interfaces
  • Future mobility experiences with autonomous transport
  • Modular infotainment interface systems
  • Mobility as a service to make public transport more user-friendly
  • Outer-car experiences and ecosystems
  • Customised processes and research methods

Our approach

We are specialised in rapid prototyping, user research and UX/UI design.

In addition to our endless obsession of quality and new innovations we are known for challenging conventions and being extremely fast and focused due to our process and ways of working. Although we have deep and extensive experience and a strong process, we approach every assignment with curiosity and inspiration and we customise each project to make sure we are able to provide the most innovative and high-quality outcome, whatever that may require.


Utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to create smarter in-car experiences.

Fast advances in AI and machine learning have opened up completely new opportunities and changed how we should think about future mobility experiences.

We have worked on highly contextual user interfaces both in and outside of the car and explored how the smart assistant could be the link between human and machine.

Our Methods

Rethinking user testing and research through rapid design and prototyping

Current and conventional research and testing practices are too slow, too far away from the design process and not suitable for the future automotive environment. We can not use old tools to design a new future. For this reason we have completely rebuilt and customised the process of user research and testing in the automotive space, to make it more efficient and tangible and to give more fuel for innovation.

We base all our research and testing work on prototyping and real-world experiments along with analytics and observations to make the process agile, tangible and most of all, to seamlessly integrate it with the design and concepting work.

This allows us to do effective research and user testing for a variety of projects and to create new things that are not built on conventions.


Challenging in-car user interface conventions

The automotive industry is currently going trough its biggest transformation ever, with the rise of electric vehicles, AI and the demand of features and simplicity driven by the intensive competition and exponential digital development.

As this transformation is demanding brands to start challenging old conventions and reimagine what the HMI experience is, we explored and prototyped future in-car user interfaces and modularisation to integrate them into different car lineups.

Hot Topic

Micro-mobility — the fastest technological adoption in history

In the last few years personal mobility has gone through massive transformation. Small, convenient vehicles are shifting users away from heavy, inefficient alternatives. In a very short time, shared scooters and bikes have attracted millions of users, making micro-mobility the fastest technological adoption in history. Kallan & Co is heavily vested in this field and currently working on extremely exciting micro-mobility projects. More to follow!


Mobility as a service

Whim is a mobile app that frees you to travel wherever and whenever, using public transport, taxis, brand new cars and more. You can buy a monthly package to cover all your daily journeys, or pay as you go for multi-transport tickets. It’s a marked departure from where most cities are today, and from how mobility has been delivered until now.

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Bringing the sense of touch back to the car interfaces.

Touchscreens in cars are getting more common but users are still hesitant since they are loosing the haptic feedback of physical buttons. This is where the Senseg's technology shines and can bring some of that feedback back to the screens.

Kallan has worked closely with Senseg to define how this technology can be translated into a user interface and helped produce a working demo of this software and hardware combination for the automotive industry.

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Logigo Automotive (former Logigo Car Infotainment) is now on the TOP 5 Tier-1 auto makers supplier in Brazil.

We did a visual overhaul of the whole android based infotainment system and redesigned all the applications such as phone, radio, navigation and streaming services.